Contract Research

Contract out your voluminous work

For high-end research that requires expert support, we offer contract research services (terms and conditions apply)



This service is used by clients who want to contract their lab work to us. Upon submission of samples, technical execution of the project in the lab is carried out on behalf of the client by generating and analyzing data in natural and applied sciences. Pricing depends on the complexity and duration of projects. Clients are carried along to understand the techniques and their appropriateness and a report summarizing the materials and methods and results will be delivered to the client. You can also carry out the lab work yourself using the Lab-For-Rent Services. We provide sample storage services at -20 oC and -80oC for clients.

Our state-of the-art research lab is equipped with modern equipment for molecular biology analysis along with constant supply of power and lab consumables. We also provide you with free access to high speed 4G Wifi. 

Our Lab has 20 lab spaces for use. To request for a Lab Space please download and fill this Form and then send completed form to

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