MangoTaq DNA Polymerase - 5000Units

MangoTaq DNA Polymerase - 5000Units

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5000 Units
Cat No - ABC-BIO-21078

MangoTaq™ DNA Polymerase offers high yield across a wide range of DNA concentrations (fig. 1 and 2). MangoTaq DNA Polymerase leaves an ´A´ overhang such that the PCR product is suitable for effective integration into TA cloning vectors. The polymerase is supplied with two different reaction buffers for greater flexibility. For high-throughput applications, MangoTaq and the colored reaction buffer make an ideal choice, since this combination enables the user to load directly on a gel in order to facilitate easy recognition. The two reaction buffers supplied are: 5x Colored Reaction Buffer and 5x Colorless Reaction Buffer. The colored reaction buffer contains red and orange dyes, which separate during electrophoresis and provide quick reference points for monitoring the mobility of the DNA samples in the gel. The colored reaction buffer can be loaded directly onto an agarose gel for analysis without the need for separate gel-loading buffer. The presence of the dyes has no effect on routine enzymatic manipulations, although extremely rare exceptions may exist. Since the colorless reaction buffer does not contain reference dyes, it is suitable for use when reaction products will be used directly for down-stream processes involving absorbance or fluorescent detection.