MyTaq DNA Polymerase - 5000Units

MyTaq DNA Polymerase - 5000Units

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5000 Units
Cat No - ABC-BIO-21107

MyTaq™ product range is a new generation of very high performance PCR products, designed to deliver outstanding results on all templates, including complex genomic DNA templates, MyTaq is based on the latest technology in PCR enzyme preparation, engineered to increase affinity for DNA, resulting in significant improvements to yield, sensitivity and speed. The enzyme is supplied with an industry-leading novel buffer system, containing dNTPs, MgCl2 and enhancers at optimal concentrations, removing the need for optimization and giving superior amplification, making it the perfect choice for complex templates. MyTaq Mix available as a ready-to-use 2x mix for setting up a trouble-free PCR reaction and there is the choice of an inert red dye, used for direct gel loading.