ImmoMix  Red, 2x (500rxns)

ImmoMix Red, 2x (500rxns)

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500 reactions
Cat No - ABC-BIO-25022

ImmoMix™ Red is a complete ready-to-use heat-activated 2x reaction-mix, which simply requires the user to add only water, template and primers, and then pre-heat to 95°C for 10 minutes to successfully carry out PCR assays. The 10 minute activation step eliminates the presence of non-specifics such as primer-dimers and mis-primed products, since the enzyme is inactive at initial low temperatures. ImmoMix Red combines all of the features and advantages of ImmoMix and contains an additional inert red dye. This non-toxic, non-hazardous red dye allows users to load samples directly onto a gel, without the need to add loading buffer since the mix is of sufficiently high density to sink to the bottom of the gel. Adequate mixing is also ensured when reactions are set up. The red dye migrates like a 350bp fragment on a 2% agarose TAE gel (or 600bp on a 1% agarose). ImmoMix Red is based on IMMOLASE™ DNA Polymerase, which leaves an ´A´ overhang and can be used for a wide variety of templates. An additional 50mM MgCl2 solution is included should any fine adjustments be required. ImmoMix Red reduce the time needed to set up reactions, thereby reducing the risk of contamination. Greater reproducibility is ensured, by reducing the number of pipetting steps that can lead to pipetting errors