MyTaq HS Red Mix, 2x (200rxns)

MyTaq HS Red Mix, 2x (200rxns)

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₦ 81,360.00

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200 reactions
Cat No - ABC-BIO-25047

MyTaq™ HS Red Mix is a ready-to-use, direct gel load, red colored, 2x mix for fast, highly-specific hot-start PCR. MyTaq HS Red Mix is powered by antibody mediated hot-start and does not possess polymerase activity during the reaction set-up, thus reducing non-specific amplification. The advanced formulation of MyTaq HS Mix allows fast cycling conditions to be used, greatly reducing the reaction time without compromising PCR specificity and yield, making it ideal for high-throughput. MyTaq HS Red Mix is designed to facilitate increased efficiency, throughput and reproducibility, making MyTaq HS Red Mix perfect for techniques such as for multiplex PCR that require the ability to define a set of common reaction parameters to all of the primer sets in the reaction, with comparable extension efficiencies, even though the amplicons are different sizes. The specially designed MyTaq Red formulation does not interfere with the PCR reaction and allows users to load samples directly onto a gel after the PCR without the need to add loading buffer, making MyTaq HS Red Mix ideal for automation. The red dye migrates like a 350bp fragment on a 2% agarose TAE gel (or 600bp on a 1% agarose). MyTaq HS Red Mix only requires the addition of template, primers and water, reducing the risk of pipetting errors and contamination as well as reducing the set-up time